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This Bill is assumed to have been sent by the Ministry of Health and Sports and was posted on the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw website on 7th of October 2019.

Current status (17.10.2019) – awaiting slot for discussion on the floor of Hluttaw

Bill in brief

This Bill includes provisions for the formation of a Health Assistant Council, and the process of issuing registration to health assistants.

Summary of main provisions

  • Its objectives are:

    • to improve skills of registered health assistants
    • to allow further study in public health
    • to supervise allegiance to ethics
    • to enable the public to obtain effective health care
  • The Heath Assistant Council (HAC) will be formed by the Ministry of Health and Sports with the consent of the Union Government. It will be chaired by the Director of the Department of Public Health, comprising representatives from Departments of Public Health and Human Resources of Health, University of Community Health and Myanmar Health Assistant Association (MHAA). The council members who are not civil servants will receive salaries and benefits from the Ministry. Its tenure is 5 years from its date of formation.

  • The HAC is responsible for:

    • identifying and supervising ethics for health assistant
    • adopting management procedures for those who are not dutiful, whether through complaints or through observation of the Council
    • appointing retired registered health assistant as registration officers
    • founding the necessary working groups for registration applications, extensions, registration fees and annual fees
    • other prescribed duties
  • The HAC can accept donations, materials and other help from domestic non-governmental organisations and donators. For the support of international organisations, the Council can accept offers only with the consent of the Ministry. The budget will be managed in accordance with the standards of financial procedures of the MHAA and subject to external audit. Audit reports will be submitted to the Ministry.

Other relevant laws

Veterinary Council Law 1995

Myanmar Medical Council Law 2015

Myanmar Traditional Medical Council Law 2019


Bill text

Myanmar Health Assistant Association


Moe Aung, The Ananda,