Posted in Legislative Analysis, Political Institutions on Oct 09, 2019

This Bill was submitted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It aims to supervise the telecommunications sector; to support the development of a market-oriented economy, and; to take on responsibilities currently included in The Telecommunications Law.

The Telecommunications Law 2013 says that an independent Myanmar Telecommunication Commission has to be formed within two years, at Union-level.

Thus, two years after the approval of The Telecommunications Law 2013, Myanmar Telecommunication Commission was formed by the Union Government’s announcement no. 125/2015. The Commission was tasked with drafting a Bill for the establishment of a new independent Myanmar Telecommunications Commission. The tenure of this initial Commission would only be until the formation of the new Commission by a new law.

As the new Bill includes the information, telecommunications technology and postal sectors, after its approval the new Commission will have more duties to take on from other laws relating to telecommunications sectors.

According to the Bill, the Chair of the Myanmar Telecommunication Commission is to be at the level of a Minister, and its members are the level of Deputy Ministers. This creates an interesting question of how its power might overlap the powers and duties of the Minster for Transport and Communications.

Bill analysis on Myanmar Telecommunication Commission Bill will be posted soon.