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Current status (06/09/2019): found on the internet website of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on August of 15th 2019 and assumed to be sent to Pyithu Hluttaw.

Bill in brief

The bill includes clauses related to registration of motor vehicles, the application of driving licences and licences for vehicle maintenance businesses or driving schools.

Summary of main provisions

  • The objectives are to:
    • register motor vehicles and issue driving licences
    • reduce pollution of the air, water, land, and noise, caused by motor vehicles
    • decrease the rate of accidents
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) is responsible for:
    • determining accessible areas for domestic vehicles;
    • setting regulations for cross-border transport of passengers and goods;
    • establishing road safety funds;
    • specifying the period of vehicle licences, and;
    • appointing third parties to carry out vehicle examinations.
  • The duties of the Road Transport Administration Department are to:
    • set regulations and standards;
    • publicise recommendations on construction works in the public space;
    • negotiate with relevant departments for the use of advanced transport technology, and;
    • limit the period of licences.
  • Vehicle owners can register vehicles to the relevant registrar on the basis of prescribed conditions. The officer will issue an initial or temporary registration certificate and documentation. For commercial use, vehicles should be registered as taxis. A prior permit must be secured from the relevant registrar for the change of any parts of vehicles.
  • In terms of driving licences, certificates for the “Spare Man” (i.e. bus conductors) or temporary driving licences, the application should be submitted to the relevant licensing officer. There are also provisions for the suspending or revoking of licences in the bill.
  • Those who wish to conduct the motor vehicle inspections and operate motor vehicle driving training schools can apply to the department for a business licence. Licence holders are obliged to follow prescribed regulations.
  • For the matters of registration and the driving/business licence application, decisions made by the different levels can be appealled and according to management procedures the Ministry has the final say.

Other relevant law

The Motor Vehicle Law 2015


Bill text


Moe Aung, The Ananda,