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The Hluttaw is currently considering the 2019-20 budget of Union Government. So, we took a look at one key document in the process, Executive Budget Proposal (Summary) and present some key points from the proposal it for our readers.


Most of Union and State/Region Governments revenue are estimated to be Current Income (including tax). The Capital Income will be received mostly through Foreign Aids.

Union Government Revenue

If you look at the detail of Union government revenue, you will see the Current Income are generated through the State-owned Economic Enterprises. The tax on goods and services tops the tax income chart.

Oil Money?

Interestingly, this year’s Executive Budget Proposal carries some information about the income from petroleum and natural gas income.


The Union government will spend more from current account than from its capital account while the State/Region governments combined do the reverse, meaning that the Union government will (continue to) be spending more on operating costs than on projects.

Expenditure by Agency

Electricity and Energy are estimated to spend more than any other government agencies while Education ranked four and Health eight.

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