Posted in Budget Transparency on Aug 12, 2018

The Union Government ministries submitted the budget proposals to the parliament on 23 and 25 July. They are now under the scrutiny of 16 budget assessment teams of the parliament. The Bill Committee and the Public Accounts Committee will compile the results and report back to the parliament soon. The government will commit 26% of expenditures for Union-level agencies to the Electricity and Energy Ministry as it is trying to address the long-standing concern of foreign investors. While allocating 14% of expenditures to the Defence Ministry, the Education Ministry will spend 9% this year's government budget and the Health and Sports, 5%.

If we look into two major accounts, Current Expenditure and Capital Expenditure, the government is spending more for current expenses which include salaries and other direct costs than capital expenditures which include construction costs and machinery.

Here is proposed budgets of each agency compared to budgeted expenditures of past seven years. Please note that 2018 Interim Budget which bridges the fiscal year change from April-March to September-October only covers six-month period.